Our approach is decidedly innovative. We are constantly looking for new ways to make customers proud

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Products with a long-term vision

Genial but technically simple solutions lead to results that meet the requirements of customers that must keep up with constantly evolving technologies and asks its partners to constantly be up-to-date.
Thanks to its wide range of staff, CMC finds the right answers to the differen questions and otters effective a lternatives.

Strength and balanced statics are required wherever dynamic forces act repeatedly and abnormal stresses continuously bear on the same point. At this point the answer must be perfect. A motor under stress, a couĀ­pling, a gear or a wheel subject to elevateci traction must react according to the logie that builts them. A mold that is created following all construction criteria becomes the kinetic heart of this system.

Guided by values, we deliver the future of companies.