Design The three-dimensional visualization, simulated through sophisticated 3D programs, represents the first step towards the realization of the projects. Innovation The solutions we provide, from the simplest to the most complex, are scrupulously sought. From the choice of materials to the most sophisticated finish, from the small mold, to the assembly of entire complex groups. Technology Advanced technology machining centers are the tools that allow our machining to achieve the levels of quality that characterize this delicate phase. Satisfaction The care and attention that CMC dedication to their work is the direct succession of relationships with customers of each application area and the common goal that leads to cooperation and mutual satisfaction.



CMC stands tor a group of companies operating in the industry of injection moulds tor plastic materials and die casting.

This is a sophisticated market where the expertise of each specific action stands tor a path tor which our or­ganization may avail itself of skilled experts suitable tor specific solution.


CMC staff is composed of 150 persons, each of whom manages his own specific area and makes use of highly competent in-house and external collaborations. A management group develops the ideai path to follow tor each single product and selects, together with the customer, the guidelines tor the product.
Three-dimensional display, simulateci through sophist


The multi-faceted companies belonging to the CMC group means our technicians can exchange experiences in specific sectors. This allows us to tackle projects with in-depth experience.

Guided by values, we deliver the future of companies.